We specialise in PA, video and lighting installations in Churches, community centres, conference rooms and schools.

Our experienced in-house installation team are able to advise the best solution to tailor the installation to your building and your needs. From a simple hearing loop or projector and screen, to a full sound, lighting and video system, we supply trusted industry standard brands to make the most out of your venue.


PA Systems

Sound is a very important part of communication and clarity is essential. This is why we strive to provide quality equipment from reputable brands, such as Allen & Heath, Ohm, Yamaha, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Shure, Matrix, Signet and more.

We can supply and install:

Digital & Analogue Sound Desks

Speakers, Amplifiers, Microphones

DI boxes, Cables, Stands

Playback and Recorder Units

Hearing/Induction Loops

Video Systems

To help visualise your message, it is also important to have an AV system that is designed to suit the uses of your venue. This may include multiple screens for a large venue or catering for overflow/auxiliary rooms. Some of the brands we use are: Panasonic, Optoma, LG, Kramer Electronics, Roland, Sapphire Screens, Canon, Sony and EasyWorship.

We can supply and install:

Long & Short Throw Projectors

Electric & Manual, Front & Rear Projection Screens

Plasma, LED & LCD Screens

Switchers, Scalers, Vision Mixers

Cameras, Words Presentation Software

Cables and Other Hardware

Lighting Systems & Effects (FX)

Whether you need stage lighting installed on a truss bar with a controller or aesthetic lighting to enhance the ambience of the room, we are here to help.

We can supply and install:

Generic Lighting with Lighting/Wired Bar

DMX Controlled Lighting: LED Fixtures, Moving Heads, Sunstrips etc.

Smoke Machines & Hazers

Truss Structures

Avolites Lighting Controllers

System Checks & Maintenance

Whether or not your system/s are installed by us, we can provide system checks to assess the condition of your equipment and fault find if required. Following this we can offer a practical solution to your problem. This could be as minor as just replacing a cable. Please do get in touch with us if this is something you need.